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Roof Waterproofing and general waterproofing in Witbank

Mpumalanga Rubber are roof repair specialists tackling all manner of roof repair and roof waterproofing in Mpumalanga.

We have extensive experience in waterproofing including:

  • commercial roofs
  • shopping centre roofs
  • industrial roofs
  • factory roofs as well as
  • residential roofs

Parapet Roof Waterproofing

We also repair parapet roofs, flashing as well as any outdoor structures such as cracked concrete walls, cracked cement, plastered or bagged walls.

Ceiling and Building Repair

We offer a comprehensive roof repair service and our work extends to the

  • Painting of internal and external walls
  • Ceiling repair or replacement
  • Gutter repair or replacement
  • Repair or replacement of facia boards
  • Repair or replacement of barge boards.

Premium Waterproofing Coatings

Mpumalanga Rubber uses only premium quality paints and coatings which feature:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Low water absorption and consequently high waterproofing characteristics
  • Excellent expansion properties offering greater crack expansion capabilities
  • Low dirt pickup, repelling dirt and dust
  • Much higher UV resistance than a normal acrylic coatings

Water Tank Repair and Waterproofing

Mpumalanga Rubber also waterproof water tanks including:

  • Cement water tanks
  • Concrete water tanks
  • Steel water tanks
  • Sludge tanks

Our experience extends from large scale industrial water and chemical tanks, mining sludge tanks to smaller capacity irrigation water tanks.

We offer free quotes, so please feel free to contact us for your waterproofing requirements or should you have a roof repair or water tank repair question you would like answered.