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Roof Repairs – Identify The Origin of Your Roof Leak

As much as we are thankful for the rain, the summer rainy season on the highveld brings with it the spectre of the dreaded leaking roof.

25498523_1981383311889783_2923807695261602679_n There is no need to fret however as Mpumalanga Rubber (Pty) Ltd offer a yearly, comprehensive roof inspection service during which we identify problems that need to be attended to immediately and flag those roof repair jobs that can afford to be put off for another season or two.

What to do if you have a roof leak?

If one suspects a roof leak, the first task is to identify the origin or the cause of the leak. This sounds easier than it is in reality especially on pitched roofs as the downward flow of water can disguise the actual source of the problem, often channelling the water into a wall crevice or ceiling where it can do extensive damage before it is discovered.

Identify the source of the roof leak.

Where a leak is suspected through the presence of stains on a ceiling or water running down an interior wall, begin by inspecting your roof cavity upwards of the leak, paying particular attention to joints, flashings, areas around chimneys, pipes, skylights etc. 25551929_1981383308556450_2277630065824409462_nAlso be on the lookout for cracked or missing clay or concrete tiles, missing shingles, rust or missing nail washers or indeed, missing nails themselves on metal roofs or flaking concrete on concrete roofs etc. As a last resort, one can also employ a garden hose to simulate a rain event, re-positioning the hose until the leak is found.

Mpumalanga Rubber (Pty) Ltd – Specialist Roof Waterproofing

Mpumalanga Rubber (Pty) Ltd are specialist roof waterproofers, having repaired hundreds of roofs over the years. We are one of the few roof repair companies able to offer a 10 Year Guarantee on our workmanship.

If you suspect a roof leak, simply fill out the form alongside and an experienced waterproofing consultant will contact you to discuss your specific situation.