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Commercial Roof Repair Nelspruit

Mpumalanga Rubber (Pty) Ltd will repair your leaking commercial building’s roof

A building’s roof must be able to withstand decades of the harshest weather Africa can thrown at it. Everything from torrential summer rains, gale force winds and blisteringly hot sun. This exposure takes it’s toll on any roof. Commercial roofs have the added pressures of being exposed to chemicals used in manufacturing processes and the whizzing and bumping of production machinery to the extent that commercial and production or factory building roofs should be thoroughly inspected at least once a year.

It is often cheaper to regularly maintain commercial roofs than to repair them and have to deal with damaged merchandise or production machinery claims. To this end, Mpumalanga Rubber offers an annual roof assessment, where we inspect wooden and steel roof trusses, battens, gutters, flashing, cladding, ceilings and of course the roof itself.

We repair and waterproof

  • Concrete Roofs
  • IBR, corrugated iron and steel roofs
  • Harvey tile roofs
  • Fibre Cement roofs
  • Repair and encapsulation of asbestos roofs and prefabricated buildings

We are a trusted roof repair brand operating in greater Mpumalanga, Gauteng, Limpopo, the North West Province and Kwa-zulu Natal and have effected thousands of roof repair jobs in over 10 years of our existence.

Our experienced and qualified staff are conversant with the latest roofing repair equipment, products and techniques and have an unrivaled reputation for delivering quality workmanship, hence our confidence in offering a no quibble, 10 year workmanship guarantee. We can handle jobs ranging from the smallest commercial or retail center roof to regional shopping mall roofs as well as factory and warehouse roofs.

We will conduct a thorough assessment and effect repairs to the roof, trusses, battens, gutters, flashing, cladding, ceilings and supporting structures.

We are proud and longstanding members of various building and waterproofing associations.

If you suspect a leaking roof, don’t delay, contact Mpumalanga Rubber today for a professional assessment and free advice.