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Dry Ice Blasting Services

In dry ice-blasting, solid particles of carbon known as dry ice are pressurised and blasted at high speed in an air stream targeted at the dirty part of area that needs cleaning. Water ice can also be used as an alternative cleaning medium in a process known as ice blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting, The Cleaner, Safer, Deep Cleaning Solution

Dry ice blasting is similar in many respects to conventional sand blasting but it has a major benefit in that it does not leave any residue. This cleaning method is ideal where difficult to clean parts such as steel or rubber moulds, machine parts etc require cleaning but cannot have left over residue spray agent such as glass or sand granules used in conventional sand blasting, result in one having to clean the spray blasted piece after the spray blasting has occurred.

It is especially effective for cleaning food processing equipment where decontamination of Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria are required. Dry Ice blasting is also ideal for cleaning machinery with different geometries without disassembling parts or where fire or electricity are hazards.

Because dry ice residue evaporates, leaving the pieces free of debris after they have been cleaned, dry ice blasting is also employed where sand blasting or cleaning with water is not allowed such as electrical cabinets or electrical equipment.

Dry Ice Blasting has a number of advantages over conventional blasting including:

  • Can be used to clean machinery and equipment used in the food production process
  • Parts and machines can be cleaned in-situ without having to be disassembled
  • No sand, metal or glass bead contamination after the cleaning process
  • Cleaning process will not damage electrical or mechanical parts
  • Ideal for removing production residue, paint, oils or biological film or deposits

If you have a tricky piece of equipment that needs cleaning but cant be subjected to the harsh abrasion of conventional shot blasting or sand blasting, then give Mpumalanga Rubber (Pty) Ltd a call and we will advise you of your alternative cleaning options. Simply fill out the form alongside and a member of our experienced team will contact you to discuss your options.