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Dry Ice Blasting Gauteng

Call Mpumalanga Rubber if you are in Johannesburg, Pretoria or anywhere in Gauteng and require Dry Ice Cleaning Services.

Dry Ice Cleaning employs small, hard pellets of dry ice and this method is softer on the base material than traditional sand, glass or metal bead blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting can be used to clean:

  • Electrical transformers and panels
  • Sensitive electrical equipment
  • Cleaning of electrical generators and turbines and insulators

The process is effective because as the cold, hard, rice sized beads are fired at pressure against the surface of the part or material to be cleaned, the beads shrink, loosening the adhesion of the offending material from its sub surface. The left over dry ice warms up as it absorbs heat from the ambient air, evaporating back into carbon dioxide, leaving the blasted surface squeaky clean.

Dry Ice can be used to rid machine part surfaces from:

  • Paint and solvents
  • Oil and Grease
  • Asphalt and tar build up
  • Decals and stickers
  • Soot, char and smoke damage to wood caused by fire damage
  • Dirt and grime
  • Inks
  • Resins
  • Jet exhaust tars and
  • Stubborn Adhesives

Surfaces cleaned by dry ice blasting do not require any further cleaning and are immediately available for painting, improving productivity and reducing costs.

Mpumalanga Rubber (Pty) Ltd are one of the few companies in South Africa offering a Dry Ice blasting cleaning service.

If you have a delicate piece of equipment that requires an alternative approach to cleaning and which cannot be subjected to the harshness of normal sand blast cleaning, be sure to call Mpumalanga Rubber (Pty) Ltd and we will advise you of your options. Please fill out our contact form and an experienced member of our specialist cleaning team will call you to discuss your requirements and present you with available cleaning options.