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Sandblasting Procedures


The staff at Mpumalanga Rubber take pride in achieving customer satisfaction on all projects. Mpumalanga Rubber “Specializing in Surface Preparation and Protective Coatings”. We sandblast various surfaces which include all types of steel….

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Sandblasting Process:

The process of sandblasting refers to the act of propelling abrasive from a sandblasting nozzle, directing the abrasive towards a targeted surface such as: concrete, steel, brick, and rock. It takes an experienced sandblaster to control the aggressive speed of the abrasive. Abrasive blasting can improve a surfaces appearance by removing stains, manufacturing compound residue, corrosion,and tool marks. Some blast media can blend surface variations into an overall uniform appearance. The sandblasting process can be further divided into six areas: Sandblaster, Air Compressor, Blast Machine, Hose, nozzle and abrasive.

Sandblasting Abrasive:

The abrasive is propelled from the sandblasting nozzle at high speeds sometimes dry sometimes wet depending on the surface targeted. The abrasive utilizes the force of the compressed air to achieve the desired result. Selecting the right abrasive for the job is crucial. Selecting the wrong abrasive for the targeted surface can result in expensive rework or in the case of concrete a new pour. Keeping this in mind selecting an experienced sandblasting company will save you time and money.


May be necessary depending on the conditions of the materials to be blasted. Complete containment of a work area is necessary when dealing with hazardous materials. Containment solutions may also be necessary when sandblasting near environmentally sensitive areas. Please contact us should you require more information on the containment solutions that we offer.