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Middelburg Sandblasting

Mpumalanga Rubber offers a comprehensive on and off-site sandblasting service in the greater Witbank and Middelburg area. We also cover most of Mpumalanga and surrounding provinces.

Sandblasting employs kinetic energy to clean heavily coated surfaces with minimal or no damage the object’s original surface.

Although sand was traditionally commonly used, a number of substitute media has more recently been employed depending on the finish required and the original material to be cleaned.

Sand Blasting Services Offered:

Mpumalanga Rubber offer the following sand blasting services:

  • Micro Blasting or precision blasting
  • Glass beads
  • Boiler Blasting
  • Stainless Steel Sandblasting
  • Aluminum Sandblasting

Blast Profile Measuring Equipment is employed by Mpumalanga Rubber to ensure that the sandblasting of sensitive parts is constantly measured and remains within specification.

Mpumalanga Rubber is able to reliably and accurately measure coatings thickness by employing the latest dry film thickness Elcometer technology, thus helping our clients to become more efficient.

A sophisticated DeWalt Vessel Inspection Camera is also available.

In addition to sandblasting, chemical cleaning and specialised abrasive blasting is also offered.

Industrial Sandblasting and Cleaning Services

Mpumalanga Rubber also offer the following industrial cleaning services:

  • Corrosion Prevention and Rubberisation Solutions
  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning & Coating Applications
  • Surface preparation through chemical cleaning and abrasive blast cleaning for Non Destructive Testing
  • Ultra high pressure cleaning or water blasting