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Micro Sandblasting


Mpumalanga Rubber have extensive Micro Sandblasting experience and capacity.

Micro abrasive blasting, or precision sand blasting employs small nozzles, to deliver a fine and extremely focused abrasive stream. This form of sandblasting is used on small or delicate parts or on very small sections of larger parts and is ideally suited to the cleaning of precision parts and for applications where accuracy is required as well as for:

  • Marking, etching, deburring
  • The removal of scratches
  • Fine detail on large parts
  • Scoring tube
  • Trimming electronic components
  • Lapping
  • Abrasive blasting on a “micron” level

Mpumalanga Rubber’s Micro blasting equipment is specially designed to handle conventional abrasives ranging in size from 25 to 250 microns and grit ranging from 360 to 60 grit. Nozzle size ranges from 0.66mm up to 1.65mm diameter.