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Roof Repair

Industrial and Commercial Roof Repair in Sandton

Whether you are a building or maintenance manager of an industrial complex, commercial retail or apartment complex or simply a private home or complex in Sandton, Johannesburg’s northern suburbs, Centurion, Pretoria or the Hartbeespoort area and have a leaking roof or a roof in dire need of refurbishment, Mpumalanga Rubber can assist. We are one of South Africa’s largest commercial and industrial roof refurbishes focusing on industrial and commercial roof repair in Gauteng, The North West, Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces. We also deploy roof repair teams to most of our neighbouring southern African states.

The steps to be followed when refurbish any roof is as follows:

Comprehensive assessment of the condition of your industrial, commercial or private building roof.

The first step in determining the work to be carried out is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the state of the existing roof.

Report On the Condition of Your Commercial or Industrial Roof

Prior to any waterproofing work being carried out, we will provide property managers and owners with a comprehensive report of the state of your building’s roof.

Our report includes an assessment on the following:

  • Identify all locations and elements of the roof
  • Comment on the state in need of repair or refurbishment
  • Provide an assessment into the likely cause of the damage on a location by location basis
  • Provide insight in the state of structural elements that support the roof or are integral to the integrity of the building and the impact on these elements by water ingress
  • Recommendations on the repair of your roof damage r the roof damage such that it would provide a long lasting repair solution

Mpumalanga Rubber (Pty) Ltd are able to repair all types of roofs including:

  • Zinc – both IBR and corrugated
  • Chromadek
  • Aluzinc
  • Cast concrete with coated bitumen / coated rubber or HDPE based roof coatings
  • Tiled roofs
  • Slate roofs


We are also able to completely remodel an industrial or commercial roof and focus on all aspects of one’s roof being:

  • Annual roof inspections
  • Annual roof maintenance
  • Roof painting irrespective of the type of roof
  • Re-roofing where required
  • Repairing or replacing rotten wooden or rusted steel roof trusses
  • Repair or replacement of roof steel or tile roof ridges
  • Repair and replacements of battens and purlins
  • Repair or replacement of all types of gutters or skylights
  • Repair or replacement of various types of flashing including steel and pressed fibre cement
  • Repair and replacement of all types of ceilings
  • Painting of interior or exterior walls and wall coatings

Once a comprehensive report has been submitted, a meeting is held with the client to establish his or her budget and intentions.


Some of the most common roofing problems requiring repairs include:

  • Standing water and water ingress
  • Perforations intended to route all types of exhausts
  • Roof drainage, especially on flat roofs with insufficient gradient. This is especially problematic after a hail storm.
  • Location of trees both on your and adjacent properties
  • Roofing design flaws which we can mitigating against and correct
  • Roof insulation
  • Rusted or defective gutters
  • Missing or defective flashing
  • Defective roof trusses, purlins and battens

All these eventually impact on the integrity of one’s building’s structural elements including steel and concrete columns, load bearing walls as well as an interior’s decorative elements such as ceilings, cornices, plaster and paint. Another important aspect often not thought of is the replacement of roof insulation which has an impact on one’s electricity consumption as well as mitigating against the build up of mold which represents a very real danger to the occupants of any building.

Industrial and Commercial Roof Repair

Roofing a structure typically represents up to a third of a building’s construction cost, therefore in Southern Africa the most damage tends to be repaired rather than roofing systems replaced.

In order to extend the lifetime of our client’s roof, once we have been given the go-ahead, Mpumalanga Rubber (Pty) Ltd begins the refurbishment process by stripping the roof material of all coatings, replacing all structural elements that have been compromised, we rebuild all or sections of the roof where water pooling is a issue.

Once our site manager’s believe we have a solid roofing structure from which to begin the waterproofing process, all surfaces including roof material, gutters, flashing etc. are thoroughly cleaned with a stripper. This is then washed off and once surfaces are dry, a base coat is applied to the entire area.  Typically a second base coat is applied to ensure the longevity of one’s roof. This is a critical step in the waterproofing of one’s roof to ensure that all surfaces are air-sealed in preparation for the final layer which adds additional sealant and protects the rubber coating from harsh UV light.

If you would like a professional assessment of the state of your building’s roof feel free to contact us for a comprehensive assessment or quotation.