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Flooring Systems

Self_Levelling_Floors_Witbank-20140206-00181Mpumalanga Rubber installs high performance, polymer, epoxy and self levelling flooring and lining systems. Our flooring systems are engineered to be seamless, durable and exceptionally easy to clean. Perfect for any demanding application where performance is paramount without compromising innovative design.

Our flooring systems are ideally suited to industrial and commercial purposes and are often specified for the:

  • Interior walkways
  • Hospitals
  • schools
  • cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector
  • food preparation and processing sector
  • electronics manufacturing sector
  • industrial manufacturing plant environments
  • aircraft hanger floors
  • any indoor environment where clean rooms are specified.

Increasingly, our products are also specified by architects for high end residential purposes.

We understand the importance that a correctly specified epoxy floor plays in protecting floors from chemical and bacterial attacks which affect the usability of a floor. Our high gloss, epoxy flooring systems offer excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

A number of formulations are available to suit your particular application and our systems can be specified in a wide range of colours to suit any decor theme.