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Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Solutions for the Petrochemical IndustriesPipeline Corrosion Protection Pipeline1


Liquid Rubber Worldwide Inc.

Above ground pipelines are often exposed to severe weather conditions leading to accelerated corrosion and premature loss of service life.

Located in a remote area, this 12 km pipeline needed a protective corrosion membrane applied quickly.

Pipeline Corrosion Protection Pipeline example2

VEZLAR™ manufactured by Liquid Rubber Worldwide Inc. was the solution.

  • Loose scale and rust was removed using 4,000 psi water jets
  • An instant-set coating of VEZLAR™ was applied using our dual fluid airless spray system
  • A single application to a thickness of 1.5mm
  • Membrane cured to full strength in under 24 hrs.

Why Was Vezlar™ Selected?

  • Minimal surface preparation (Vezlar™ can be applied over light rust layers)
  • Excellent resistance to degradation from the sun
  • Membrane will not burn if exposed to high temperatures
  • Environmentally safe and non VOCs
  • Quick and easy to apply in the field

    Pipeline Corrosion Protection Pipeline example3