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Fuel and Oil Tank Linings and Refurbishment

Mpumalanga-Rubber-Tank-Linings-100 Mpumalanga-Rubber-Tank-Linings-100-2Mpumalanga Rubber (Pty) Ltd are specialist waterproofing outfit located in Witbank, with extensive experience in the cleaning and waterproofing of pipes, tanks and vessels specifically the refurbishment and re-lining of fuel and oil tanks.

Prior to the lining process, any external defects, weak or permeated areas of the vessel are identified and where the repair of these are within the allowable repair criteria, these are repaired in accordance with the accepted industry practices.

Large amounts of compressed air is forced through an educator purging system thereby bringing the inside of the tank to safe levels allowing our crews to access the interior of the tank.

Where tanks do not have factory installed manways, technicians will cut open the storage tank for interior access.

Tanks and vessels are then thoroughly cleaned of residues, sludge’s and liquids and allowed to dry. A comprehensive inspection follows.

An abrasive blast is then applied to the interior of the tank enabling the rubber coating to properly adhere to the cleaned surface.

The entire tank is then coated with our Armor Shield system to prevent future corrosion and the build up of sludge.

We then thoroughly test the thickness of the protective coatings to ensure they are applied with a uniform thickness throughout.

After a final inspection, access to the tank is sealed either through the manway, welding overlapping plates in place or the removable cover is bolted shut after which the vessel is signed off for use by the client.